The Sun sign is completely underrated in the astrology world.  We all know in the back of our minds that the Sun Sign is the backbone of a chart, but we rarely take the time to find out how it manifests with each individual.

On the other side of the coin, in the world of muggles, the Sun is utterly overrated.  For years, I found myself obsessing over my Sun Sign in the newspaper – attempting to mold myself to the narrow ideal of the “Libra Woman”.

When I discovered my rising sign, Capricorn, all of those newspaper horoscopes started to feel right (as much as a newspaper horoscope can). Once I combined both the Libra, and Capricorn articles the pieces began to fall into place.

However, I can’t deny the middle ground between the Sun Sign being only a small part of a chart while at the same time, being the essential foundation for which many people find their way to the art of astrology.

So let’s get down to the facts! If you want the dope on the Sun’s relevancy in Astrology, I’ve got you covered.


Here are 5 things every Astro Babe should know about the Sun


(1) Let’s start out with the bare necessities.

The Sun is exalted (most powerful) in the sign of Leo in the height of the summer, in the northern hemisphere.

He also rules the 5th house of self-expression and the father in your natal chart.

When representing the Sun in color (I’m talking to all my mystics) Gold is traditional. However, yellow is a suitable replacement.

The symbol of the sun via orb of the night

The symbol of The Sun

(2)  Just as the Moon is a representation of the divine feminine, the Sun represents the divine masculine. They may seem unequal when viewing the entire solar system, but from earth, they are equals.
Desert Roses via Miss Bohemian

Desert Roses via Miss Bohemian

 (3) The Sun rules our Self, Personality, and Ego. Historically, the Sun also represents children, the heart, royalty, fame, and government.

Take from this what you will, but try paying attention to the changes in these areas as the Sun moves through the constellations each month.

There are many connections between a Sun in Virgo (Intelligent and detail-oriented) bringing the new school year here in the States, or the fever-pitch of retail jobs around the winter holidays as the Sun is in Capricorn (resourceful and successful).


(4) The Sun is only one out of ten planets represented on a default natal chart. Don’t judge a gal by her Sun alone! You really need to see someone’s entire chart, or at least their Rising and Moon Sign as well to get more than a very general idea of their character.


 (5) The Sun is a fountain of light, energy, and heat. When examining your natal chart, the location of the Sun at your birth represents how you manifest your own version of light, energy, and heat.

Be sure to see which planets are conjunct (physically close to, within 10 degrees of) your Sun, as well as which house (the number of the houses can be found on the inner wheel of your natal chart, there are 12 of them) your sun was in as well.

The planets that are closest to your sun will be exponentially more powerful as the sun intensifies their energy. The house your sun resides in will give you a good idea of the area of your life you are most interested and/or gifted.


And there you have it! A basic rundown on all things Astro-Sun. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch via the comment section.


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