As the weather begins cooling down, I look forward to refreshing my candle stash. This year, I’m casting a larger net.

I demand new candle resources.

I’ve got a fever – and the only prescription is Artisan Hand-Poured Candles in Impeccable Packaging

The people deserve choices, and I’m here to deliver.

Here are 3 Drool-Worthy Alternative Candle Shops to fill your home (and altar!) with fresh vibes this season



1 ) Magic Hour Astrology

Ancestors Handmade Ritual Candle via Magic Hour Astrology

Ancestors Handmade Ritual Candle via Magic Hour Astrology

Hailing from Portland, Oregon – Magic Hour Astrology is well-known for beautiful soy intention candles. Spiritual artist, Brandie Taylor, has mastered beautiful branding, packaging, and magical altar candles.

The Ancestors Candle pictured above would be perfect for Samhain! I’ve also been admiring her Love, Protection, and Spirit Ritual Candles.

These handmade, long-lasting candles are infused with herbs, flower essences and essential oils, nestled around lunar charged gemstones.

Magic Hour Astrology


2 ) Frostbeard

The Shire Soy Candle via Frostbeard

The Shire Soy Candle via Frostbeard

Frostbeard is my favorite geeky candle company.  They aren’t my usual magical fare, but wow do these book-themed candles smell amazing.

The Shire is my hands-down favorite, an earthy scent. It is exactly what you would imagine the Baggin’s home to smell like.  Oakmoss, clover, aloe, with a hint of sweet cherry pipe tobacco!

A few other flavors I’m looking forward to trying out: Book Cellar, Headmaster’s Office, and Le Cirque des Rêves (I’m a sucker for a good Bon Fire Candle)

We mix traditional craft, art and design with inspiration from books, video games and movies.



3 )  Soy Much Brighter


Into the Woods via Soy Much Brigher

Into the Woods via Soy Much Brighter

I wanted to include a truly sustainable indie brand on this list. Soy Much Brighter is dedicated to the Vegan life-style and it reflects in their products.

Into the Woods sounds like the ideal comfort candle with a mixture of pine and fir with a wood wick that crackles like a fire when lit.

Soy Much Brighter Candles are inspired by “now” and designed for folks that delight in the present, a time of mindfulness and authenticity.

Soy Much Brighter


4 )  Orb of the Night

Black Crackling Birch Candle via Orb of the Night

Black Crackling Birch Candle via Orb of the Night

No list of drool-worthy indie candle shops would be complete without mentioning the brand new line of candles available here at Orb of the Night.

Hand-Poured into reusable glass jars, these black candles smell of Autumns long past, and being curled up near the fire.

A layer of black twilight glitter covers the top of each candle, sprinkled into the molten wax to keep the glitter in the wax and not all over you!

Our new line of candles is dedicated to the mystics,  candle queens, and witchy women everywhere

Orb of the Night


I hope this list brought a few new candle options into your life. Which ones do you love? Which candle are you stoked to try asap?

Let me know in the comments, cosmic babes!


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