Snail Mail is a huge hobby of mine. I belong to several groups focusing on the art of letter writing. I love all things paper, and crafting is a favorite past-time.

I introduced the Sisters from the secret spiritual Facebook group, The Sisterhood to the world of snail mail recently and boy have they impressed me with their incredible creativity! With over thirty members sending mail, my mailbox runneth over.

So I decided to get to work creating bright envelopes to brighten everyone’s mailboxes!


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Hand-Painted Acrylic Envelopes for The Sisterhood Snail Mail Group


On the same note, I’ve sent out all of the orders from the Full Moon shop opening (We sold out!). Wrapping and packaging the gifts is one of my favorite parts of the process. If you are curious about what you might receive in an order from me it will be along the lines below.

Making the entire process, from browsing the shop, all the way to opening your package a magical experience was really important for me. I do believe I achieved something great – and the Full Buck Moon in July is going to be even better!


A Bohemian Candle all wrapped up and ready to go

A Bohemian Candle all wrapped up and ready to go home


Look forward to the monthly ≑N E W M O ON J O U R N AL≑ where I will be having a few guest writers, the astro weather for the New Moon in Gemini, and few other goodies for you to look forward to on June 16th.


A big thank you for reading!

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See you on the other side,
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    June 8, 2015

    Thank you Mary for introducing me to letter writing…..again. A forgotten love! Those envelopes are FANTASTIC! And the way your wrap everything … I think my new nickname for you is Beauty Goddess!