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There has been one hell of an astro storm this week. We are going through one of the most influential phases of the decade. I will try to break this down into digestible bits – Don’t worry if some of it goes over your head. I will be talking more about this at The Sisterhood’s New Moon Ceremony Friday Night.

Let’s start with the most popular astrological force we are working with right now. The New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse at 5:36 AM EST time.

This energy is haute for three reasons.

1) It’s in the final degree of Pisces and the final degree of the zodiac representing the end of one phase and the beginning of the new. This also means it has a bit of Aries energy as it is the sign that begins the zodiac, the moon will be moving into Aries 6:27 AM EST. Pisces and Aries are very different signs – Water and Fire are known to be difficult to juggle. If you focus on the present and new beginnings you will be channeling both energies appropriately.

2) The eclipse occurs only one hour before the Sun enter Aries signaling the Spring Equinox/Ostara – A symbolic time of Rebirth and Rapid change. It is a time to slough off all that does not serve you.

3)It only aspects feminine planets. Venus and the four asteroid goddesses. In this context the super abundance of feminine energy is more important than the individual aspects. This is an amazing opportunity for the Divine Feminine (Already on the rise) to firmly ground itself on Earth. The imbalance of masculine energy for several centuries is finally going to be rebalanced with a large amount of feminine energy coming from the planets for the rest of the 2010’s. Think compassion, sensitivity, renewal, and restoration. No matter your preferred gender this energy applies to everyone.

A Solar Eclipse is like a super new moon and the energy from one can last for months afterword. Another thing to mention is that this Eclipse will be followed up by another Solar Elipse with the Full Moon on April 4th.

And this is just the BEGINNING of the energy we are swimming through. There is also been a Uranus Pluto Square knocking on our doors telling us it’s time for a revolution. Pluto and Uranus only align in a tense square every 80 years, so this has been a profound period indeed. This is the last of seven squares over the past three years. It’s a grand finale to some of the most turbulent times our society has seen. We will be experiencing the after-effects of this aspect well into the next decade.

Obviously, you are surrounding yourself with people whose energy is in-tune with what you want to express. You are ridding yourself of chi vamps and toxic relationships to get yourself aligned with your life purpose asap. Avoid scrappy muggles, no matter how much you may want to let them have it. Evolve or Evaporate is your mantra.

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