Feeling pretty SAPPED with this astro energy coming to an end since it’s mid-2012 inception?

No, it’s not just you.

March 16 until April 10 is pretty much the most intense energy we’ve seen in years. With a Pluto Uranus Square, Saturn Retro, and Eclipses flying in your face every time you turn around – Of course you are frazzled.

This is an excellent time to engage “Three-step astro” coping: Dress like your ascendant, Actualize your sun, Nourish your moon. Making this a habit for tough times can be a life saver for when you feel like, as my good friend puts it, “your head is going to spin the fk off!”

Give yourself a break. Seriously.

If you are having bouts of wanting to just scream – you’re feeling this astro. If the idea of spending another moment of small-talk throws you into an internal rage – ah yeah you’re feeling this astro. Tripped out on some people you love? Hey don’t worry – we’ve all been there.


Take this time to go slow. Wait out the storm with great clean food and by treating yourself like the goddess you are until the waves calm. Channeling your inner divine being is how you do tough astro right. Bring it back to Mystic Medusa’s sage advice:

If you are just totally fed up with Eclipses, Zap anything and the whole damn deal, tune into the pure raw FABULOUSNESS of the Witch Asteroids Circe and Hekate in Aquarius. Radically detach from scenarios that threaten to turn you Muggle and perfect your spell work, Feng Shui, personal energy, lucid dreaming practice and grip on yourself.

Also, this is a Full Moon Eclipse in LIBRA after all – if in doubt, up the beauty therapy. The world may be going to hell in a handbasket but YOU will at least be exfoliated, moisturized, scented and toned etc.

Here is a roundup of my favorite techniques to surviving tough astro:

You can look forward to Jupiter going direct on April 8th. Beautiful, over-the-top things happen when Jupiter is in Leo. More on that soon!


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